Coil Infusion Like New Gentle Clarifying Shampoo

Coil Infusion Like New Gentle Clarifying Shampoo

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Coils that stretch their style as long as possible between wash days need a cleanser that's going to break through and rid your hair and scalp of build-up and grime without drying or stripping. Often, clarifying shampoos can be too drying for tight coils and zig zag curls. This gentle, moisturizing cleanser will cleanse without stripping. The magic of this cleansing formula is in its plant-based ingredients—such as shea butter, açaí extract, grapeseed oil and Brazilian buriti fruit oil—all of which deeply cleanse coils while hydrating them with a rush of moisture. Coils are cleansed without being stripped of the moisture they need to stay defined and strong. When your hair and scalp need to be rid of build-up and grime, give some it some extra love with this gentle, purifying shampoo.

CW says... If you are strictly following the Curly Girl / Curly Hair Method, this isn't considered a clarifying shampoo. It is strong enough to get rid of build-up but gentle enough to use regularly without stripping your natural oils or moisture.

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