Curl Immersion Low-Lather Coconut Cleansing Conditioner Sulfate-Free Co-Wash

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Nourish and hydrate curls with this gentle, low-lather co-wash fortified with a blend of moisturizers and strengtheners that help detangle and condition as it cleanses. Coconut oil helps protect hair from breakage and damage, improving texture and promoting healthy hair growth. Rosemary and Sage oils refresh and cleanse while avocado and grapeseed oils help strengthen and moisturize curls. This formula removes dirt, scalp impurities, and product build-up without stripping natural oils. In just one use, curls look and feel hydrated, soft, smooth and conditioned.

CW says... It is not always necessary to use a rinse-out conditioner after co-washing as your hair may not need it. See how your hair feels after use!