Innersense Scalp Massage Brush
Innersense Scalp Massage Brush

Innersense Scalp Massage Brush

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Designed with an ergonomic handle and made with PLA Bioplastics, Innersense Organic Beauty's Scalp Massage Brush will help to evenly distribute your cleanser while gently lifting away sebum and product build up off the scalp. Using a scalp brush invigorates blood flow to the scalp to help promote healthy hair. 

CW says.... If you are prone to build up or have a hard time getting that "clean" scalp feeling, a shampoo brush can be a great help. It feels good too!


Distribute treatment or cleanser throughout the scalp and hair. While holding the brush, gently press the rubber tips to the scalp with medium pressure and massage. Avoid moving the brush in large circles, make small circular motions (Like your giving yourself a massage) with the brush then lift and place onto a new section of the scalp, repeat on all areas of the scalp.