Krly Kids No Time for Tears Shampoo

Krly Kids No Time for Tears Shampoo

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Ouidad's KRLY Kids® No Time for Tears Shampoo is an extra-gentle cleansing shampoo designed for kids' delicate curls that won't strip their hair or make their sensitive eyes sting. The nourishing formula moisturizes, detangles, and forms healthy, defined curls. With nutrient-packed proteins and amino acids, this shampoo helps kids' curls look and feel their best for curl confidence from an early age.

Note: Ouidad recently changed the packaging for this product. The bottle you receive may look different from the photo.

CW says... The difference between many child and adult curl products is their strength. Children's hair has not had years of damage, colouring, heat styling, etc. like ours has, and often does not need strong cleansers or moisturizers to keep their hair healthy.