Scalp Therapy

Scalp Therapy

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Banish tight, dry, itchy scalps with Australian Blue Cypress and Andiroba Oil, which offer ancient healing for the modern age.  Original Moxie have enhanced these therapeutic agents with a rich selection of natural ingredients to create a potent treatment that calms scalp inflammation, supports healthy hair growth and indulges the the senses.  Providing effective relief for everything from psoriasis to post-colour irritation, this highly concentrated formula is a must-have for anyone with a sensitive or troubled scalp.  The cooling tingle makes it a treat you can use anytime to refresh the scalp in between washes.

CW says... You can use Scalp Therapy to spot-treat irritated areas on your scalp or periodically in your routine to keep the itchies at bay, especially during the winter. This product may not be the best choice for someone with sensory issues due to the tingle you'll feel when applied.

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