Celebrating 20 Years of Jessicurl

Celebrating 20 Years of Jessicurl

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This weekend we are celebrating 20 years of Jessicurl in store and online! Our blogger, Lisa, interviewed Camille Zazou, Director of Impressions at Jessicurl, about the history of the company and its products. You'll notice as part of the celebrations that Jessicurl has unveiled their new logo and their packaging has had a bit of a makeover too. Check it out below!

Jess, the founder of Jessicurl, started creating products to meet her own needs. She realized how much beautiful curls affected how she felt about her hair but struggled to find the right products to achieve the results she wanted. Jessicurl's products are formulated to be good for your hair, and they are suitable for people with scent sensitivities and celiac disease (all Jessicurl products are gluten-free!).

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Happy birthday, Jessicurl!

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Lisa: Let's start with a bit about Jessicurl's history.

Camille: Jessicurl was created while founder Jess McGuinty was searching for solutions and products to care for her curly hair.  She came across a basic recipe for flaxseed gel.  Her first batch following the recipe didn’t turn out that well, so she began experimenting with ingredients of her own which she’d learned were good for curly hair and Rockin’ Ringlets was born.  She shared this with friends that she discussed curly hair with that she had met through naturallycurly.com which at the time was a message board for curly hair care seekers and enthusiasts.  After sharing what she discovered, her friends began asking if she could make extra gel that they could buy from her instead of having to make it themselves.  She agreed and thus Jessicurl began.

Lisa: How would you describe Jessicurl and who do you aim to create products for?

Camille: Jessicurl is a brand concerned with caring for hair with ingredients that are good for curly hair, provide it with naturally based nutrients and deliver effective results for conditions that curly hair experiences such as dryness, moisture loss and breakage. Jessicurl products are also formulated to provide curl enhancement and protect curl definition in humid climates.  Products are created for women and men with curly hair (our cleansers and conditioners do work well on straight hair also) and are safe and effective to use on children’s hair. 

jessicurl product collection

Lisa: What hair concerns does Jessicurl address?

Camille: Jessicurl products are infused with moisture providing ingredients specifically for curly hair and addresses loss of moisture for dry and damaged hair.  It also provides solutions for undefined curl patterns and protecting hair from changes that occur in differing humidity conditions.

Lisa: Which factors are most important to address when creating products? i.e., Hair density, porosity, width, curl pattern or something else?

Camille: Hair width, porosity and curl pattern.  Hair density is important to consider as well, but width, porosity and curl pattern are the elements to consider when making ingredient selections and in considering the weight of the finished product.

Lisa: Can you describe a little about each of the product lines and formulas?

Camille: Jessicurl Cleansers are created using naturally derived cleansing agents from coconut and sugar which allows them to gently cleanse the hair, but not strip the hair of its natural moisturizing properties. 

Jessicurl Conditioners are formulated using ingredients that are moisturizing and softening for hair including aloe vera, avocado oil, cocoa butter and shea butter. 

Jessicurl Stylers use ingredients that are known to protect hair integrity in varying degrees of humidity as well as using fatty alcohols that are good for hair and provide moisturizing properties. 

Lisa: What can we expect to see from Jessicurl in the next year or two?

Camille: The addition of a clarifying shampoo to the line.

Lisa: Why should people invest in your line of products?

Camille: Jessicurl has been providing high-quality gluten free, vegan and fragrance-free curly hair solutions in the market for 20 years. The brand believes in authenticity and genuinely cares for people. Jessicurl products use ingredients that naturally provide nutrients to the hair.  The products are designed to nourish and restore hair from the inside out while enhancing the hair’s natural curl pattern and providing protective hold to curl styles.   

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us, Camille! We are very happy to be celebrating 20 years of Jessicurl and look forward to continuing to be able to offer these great products to our customers for years to come.

Don't forget you can save 20% on all Jessicurl products this weekend (February 25-26, 2023)!

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