Zazzy Bandz

Keep your hair out of your eyes without the temple pain that comes with normal hairbands. These highly comfortable square, sunglass-shaped headbands are the key for every curly haired person to wear their hair down while keeping it off your face. Zazzy bandz are perfect for bangs that you wish you could tuck behind your ears, or just bits of hair that always get in your way. Better still, they don’t interfere with the arms of glasses.

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The Sunglasses Headband For Medium To High Volume Hair

Zazzy bandz are an excellent example of demand creating supply. The inventor of Zazzy Bandz discovered in the office that she couldn't keep hair away from her face, and any headbands she wore would get in the way of her glasses. 


Normal headbands:

X Have rough teeth

X Interfere with glasses

X Are unsuitable for curly hair

X Are tight and uncomfortable

X Squeeze the sides of your temples

Zazzy Bandz:

Shaped for comfort

Can be easily worn all day

Are designed for medium to high volume hair

Can be worn alongside glasses


Our Collection Of Zazzy Bandz, Canada

Available in our money-saving bundles are the original Zazzy Bandz, which are perfect for hair that is thick or high density. The square sunglasses headband shape allows it to sit on your head comfortably, with soft corners so there is no snagging.

Also available in the bundle is the Zazzy Bandz slim, which is an ergonomic slim design for people with thicker or denser hair. We particularly recommend the slim design for those with high density curls or a larger head, as it is thinner and more flexible than the original Zazzy Bandz. 

Additionally, for those hoping for extra grip, the burnt orange wrapped Zazzy Band provides a more secure hold, due to the texture of the fabric. This Zazzy Band is more structured and has less flexibility.

Whether it is a bright pattern for a sunny holiday, or a simple clear or black Zazzy Band, we have a range in stock for you to choose from. 


Curl Warehouse: Our Mission

Our mission at Curl Warehouse is to make caring for curly hair easy and accessible for everyone. When purchasing from Curl Warehouse, know that we:


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Provide assistance for all curl types

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Frequently Asked Question

The majority of customers choose the original Zazzy Bandz. It suits all hair types, including fine hair, loose curls, and every hair porosity. For medium to thick volume hair, we recommend the slim Zazzy Band as it is more flexible, or the wrapped band for extra grip. The wrapped band is particularly useful if your hair is softer and you often find clips sliding out of your hair.

Zazzy bandz work best for those with a heart, square, or round face shape.

It is best to play around with the Zazzy Band and see how you like it to sit. But we recommend trying the following to start off with: 1. Push the Zazzy Band all the way to the back of your head. 2. Slightly bring it forward if you’d like some volume in front of the band. 3. If preferred, pull strands of hair out to frame your face.

Due to the shape of the bottom of the Zazzy Bandz, they don’t interfere with the arms of your glasses. Normal headbands come right down to the sides of your ears, and are too bulky to wear a pair of glasses alongside, but the design of Zazzy Bandz fixes this problem!

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