Gift Guide for People with Curly, Wavy, or Textured Hair

Gift Guide for People with Curly, Wavy, or Textured Hair

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If you are starting your Black Friday or Holiday Season shopping list now, this blog will help you get some new ideas.  Or you can pass along a copy to your friends and family so they know what you are looking to receive this holiday season!  Sometimes picking out hair products can be a very personal choice, so we have suggestions for items that aren't hair products. There are great options if you don't want to worry about shipping liquids or giving someone something they can't use. 

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Treat Yourself - or Someone Else

First on the list is, of course, our Advent Calendar! Available in Wavy, Curly, or Coily, these 12 products have been curated to suit your curl type. Advent calendars are a great gift when you're not exactly sure what your recipient would like, as you won't have to pick a specific product or brand for them. They can try a bunch of different things with one purchase!

A super nice gift that helps your hair treatments and feels great is the Hot Heads Thermal Hair Care Cap.  Once you have your deep conditioner on, slip on a plastic cap and then pop your Hot Head in the microwave for a few seconds to get it to the right temperature for you.  Place it on your head and enjoy the soothing natural heat for 30-45 minutes!  These eco friendly caps don’t require any cords or fuss and will help get that product into your hair for fabulous results.

This durable scalp massager from Righteous Roots is great for a few things.  Use it with your oil pre-poo to massage and help with dry winter scalp.  Use it on your refresh to fluff up your hair without losing definition.  Or just use it to relax as it feels so nice!  

Accessories for Drying and Styling

Have you been looking for a nice sized diffuser?  Look no further as we carry the Great Big Diffuser here at Curl Warehouse.  You can also purchase it in a kit including the SnozzlePro which assures you to be able to fit the diffuser with whichever blow dryer you or your friend owns.  It also means you can take the diffuser and SnozzlePro on vacation and attach it to a hotel blow dryer or one borrowed from your host.  Diffusing makes such a difference as it spreads the air slowly and evenly over your head to create way less frizz and boost the volume.

If you’ve been looking for a luxurious microfibre towel to plop or micro plop, My Soigne (now Miribel Naturals) has this gorgeous one that works so well.  It measures 31” by 53” so is a generous size for plopping or even drying your entire body!

These roller jaw clamps are another way to get lift as you dry your hair. They are easier to place than clips and easy to remove.  You get 12 clamps in each pack and they work great on your refresh days to fix the flat areas from sleeping.

Brushes for Beautiful Hair

The Flexy Brush from Curl Keeper is one of my faves.  Over the years of using the method I found that I just couldn’t easily finger or comb detangle.  The short flexible bristles of this one glide through with ease!

If your fingers get tired of the scrubbing or you have a bit of a dry scalp using a Shampoo Brush can really help!  It is small but effective.  Remember not to drag it through your hair just stay focused on your scalp by positioning it in one spot and moving it in the smallest way side to side or little circles.  Once done lift it straight up and pick another spot.

Satin Goodies 

One item that is necessary in most parts of our country is a toque!  But we all know how the material usually flattens and causes so much frizz.  Enter the stylish hats from Crown and Collar that will save your hair with their satin lining.  

This company also makes the most gorgeous satin scrunchies in different sizes and patterns that you can easily wear alone or use one to put your hair up and into your new toque.

Crown and Collar designed this gorgeous satin pillowcase exclusively for clients of Curl Warehouse.  This helps protect your hair and reduce frizz and breakage while you enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Cool Accessories

The Puff Cuff is a great way to get your hair up without denting.  This comes in several sizes so you will be sure to find the right one for your density.

Another great little gift are these spiral hair ties.  The unique design - like an older telephone cord - can hold hair without leaving dents or getting caught.  Once they get a bit stretched out you can pop it into hot water and it goes back to its original shape and size so they last a long time.  This is a great stocking stuffer for someone with hair of any kind!

If you love the volume from root clipping but sometimes wish it was a bit less work then these metal piks are a way to get similar results!  Just place the piks on either side towards the top of your head and slide them towards each other until they lock together. This keeps your hair lifted while you air dry or diffuse.  For finer hair go with the short fan and the other densities can use the long fan style.

Other Gift Ideas

Here are a couple of other ideas for the curly/wavy folks in your life that aren’t available at Curl Warehouse but will always be appreciated!

The book that started The Curly Girl Method is Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey.  This is a great gift for the curly person that is just starting to dive in to caring for their natural hair.

How about a gift card to their favourite salon?  If you're in Calgary, we love Honey Salon in Kensington and Chez Soi 1912 in Cochrane for great curly cuts.

Have you seen these cute t-shirts from TanglesbyTina on Etsy? There are all sorts of curly-related t-shirt designs to choose from.

For a giant splurge for that special someone, there is the popular Dyson Supersonic blow dryer.  It dries your hair faster with less frizz than many other dryers and it all comes in a compact, lightweight device.  This dryer is available at Shoppers Drug Mart and the Bay in Canada or via Amazon.

Last but not least of course, a gift card from Curl Warehouse is always a great idea if you're really stumped!

Happy gift giving and receiving!




*This post contains a few affiliate links which means we receive a few cents on your purchase if you buy through them. They don't change the purchase cost to you. 

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