The Curly Canadian Road Trip: Product Suggestions for the East & West Coasts

The Curly Canadian Road Trip: Product Suggestions for the East & West Coasts

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Come along with us on a Curly Canadian Road Trip this summer! We'll be suggesting products based on the different climates we have in Canada so you can get the best out of your curls, regardless of where your holidays may take you.



The Curly Canadian Road Trip: The East & West Coasts

As we continue our cross Canada road trip, let’s talk about the coasts.  The common denominator for both is wind and salt in the air.

Products Suggestions for Wind

In higher winds, your best bet might be to wear your hair up or covered to avoid losing most of your style.  These traceless hair rings are non-damaging and can be reshaped easily by placing in hot water.  You can also use a Puff Cuff

Another option is to add a little hairspray.  You can do this after your all your stylers are in on damp hair or once your hair is dry and fluffed.  Either way, it will always help hold your style a bit longer.

Aquavescent Hair Spray from Jessicurl is available in three scents and is protein-free and non-aerosol, so you can travel with it too.

The Alcohol-Free Hair Spray from Bounce Curl is also non–aerosol with a bit of panthenol protein. We hope to have this back in stock soon!

Another great idea to keep you hair soft and flexible in a windy climate is to use an oil.  It can be to scrunch out the crunch of your gel cast or as a light coating over your wet or dry hair to give it a seal.  If your hair is fine or oily, you may want to do this before you cleanse or just use a conditioner instead of an oil.

Hair Dance makes a lovely Revitalizing Beauty Oil that can be used on hair or body.  Products with multiple uses are great for travelling as it cuts down on the number of items you have to pack!

The Oil Blend for Softer Hair from Jessicurl is also multi-purpose.

Dealing with Salt and Sea Air

The coastal air carries with it a bit of salt as I mentioned above.  The great thing about the salt is that is good for enhancing waves and curls.... but it can be a bit drying.  Make sure you keep up with a bit of conditioner at night or after being outdoors.  A nice light leave-in cream or a spray for finer textures will work for this.  Here are some suggestions:

Treat Your Hair After Swimming

If you love to spend time in the ocean, it’s always a good idea to rinse out the salt water with fresh water and get some conditioner into your hair.  You can wash with conditioner or a cowash by scrubbing your scalp, or just apply some conditioner to your hair to keep that nice protective layer of emollients.

Some curlies report their best hair after swimming in the ocean.  If your hair loves the salt water, then by all means no need to rinse it right away!

Why not bring the smell of the tropics into your routine with this great cowash from Inahsi Naturals? Check out their Tropical Escape CoWash to keep your beach day going.

The Coconut Cowash from As I Am is a very popular product and reasonably priced too.



The bottom line is to protect your hair from all elements - sun, wind & water - when you can.... But don’t let your hair stop you from having fun at the beach!

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