Introducing Curlygirlmovement Products to North America!

Introducing Curlygirlmovement Products to North America!

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We received quite a few requests from customers for this amazing European brand, Curlygirlmovement! You can now find their entire product line in store and online at Curl Warehouse. We're excited to continue to provide our customers with the chance to try products from other countries and support small businesses in expanding their reach in North America!
Shamilla Dewi, the founder of Curlygirlmovement, recently told us a bit more about their products and the company, as well as their Curly Hair Spa in Amsterdam (which sounds amazing!). Read on to learn more.
shamilla from curlygirlmovement
  1. What was that catalyst moment that caused you to create the Curlygirlmovement products and brand?
    My personal frustration with my curly hair and the lack of knowledge surrounding its care were the driving forces behind creating the Curlygirlmovement brand. I wanted to empower individuals like me to embrace their natural curls while providing effective products and education to make their curly hair journey smoother.

  2. Please tell me a little bit about yourselves outside of the work you do for Curlygirlmovement
    Outside of Curlygirlmovement my family takes top priority in my life. I find immense joy in traveling, creating lasting memories, and exploring different parts of the world.

  3. How do you formulate your products and decide which ingredients to put in them?
    We love using lesser-known ingredients that offer remarkable benefits for hair. Our product formulations are carefully crafted to include these hidden gems, ensuring that each ingredient is chosen for its unique qualities and contribution to hair health.
  1. If you had to pick one product from the Curly Girl Movement lineup to use for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
    I would choose the Curl Defining Gel. Its ability to nourish, define curls, prevent flakes, combat frizz, and that it could serve as a standalone product makes it a standout choice for long-term use.
  1. Is this the same product that is the most popular among your customers? If not, which product is that and why do they love it so much?
    Yes, the Curl Defining Gel is indeed our most popular product. Its delightful fragrance, nourishing properties, flake-free formula, frizz control, and versatility have won the hearts of our customers. It's an all-in-one solution that truly delivers.
  1. What are you working on at the moment? Will there be any new products added to your lineup in the next year?
    We're constantly innovating and developing new products to enhance our lineup. In the upcoming year, we're excited to introduce our hair masks, offering even more solutions to address different curly hair needs.
  1. How is Curlygirlmovement different from other curly product brands?
    Our strong focus on education sets Curlygirlmovement apart. We're committed to making the curly hair journey enjoyable and stress-free by providing extensive educational content and hands-on assistance through our Curly Hair Spa. We're not just selling products; we're nurturing a community of informed and confident curl enthusiasts.
  1. Tell us a bit about your Curly Hair Spa in Amsterdam. What can someone expect if they book an appointment with you?
    Our Curly Hair Spa in Amsterdam is a haven for curly hair care. When someone books an appointment, they can expect a personalized consultation, tailored recommendations, and expert care from our passionate stylists. It's a place where individuals can learn about their unique curls and receive hands-on guidance for their hair care journey. It’s a pampering moment and workshop in 1.
  1. What keeps you going (in business) on tough days?
    The unwavering belief in our mission and the positive impact we have on people's lives keeps us motivated during challenging times. Hearing success stories and witnessing the newfound confidence that comes with embracing natural curls fuels our determination.
  1. What’s the best advice you have for someone just starting to embrace their curly hair?
    Start with patience and self-compassion. Embracing your curls is a journey, and each curl is unique. Try not to compare your curls to someone else’s curls. Educate yourself about your hair type, experiment with products and techniques, and embrace the beauty of your curls at every stage. Find a curly hair specialist that can help and guide you if needed.
  1. What else should our customers at Curl Warehouse know about you or Curlygirlmovement Movement products?
    Customers at Curl Warehouse should know that Curlygirlmovement is more than just products; it's a movement centered around empowerment, education, and self-love. Our products are designed to complement this journey and make curly hair care an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
Thank you Shamilla! Shop all Curlygirlmovement products here.

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