Low and No Waste Products for Curly Hair

Everyone is concerned about the overuse of plastic and figuring out ways to recycle, and rightly so!  We all want to see less at the landfill!

This blog will talk about products at Curl Warehouse that are zero waste or are now available in no or low packaging to help reduce your impact on the environment without sacrificing beautiful curls.

Let’s start with Jack 59.  This is an Alberta based company and their main focus is shampoo and conditioner bars.  They have a lot of bars in many “flavours”; there will be one to match your needs whether that is unscented, scalp care, or keeping your blond or sliver hair bright.  Along with these bars they have created a holder that is compostable and keeps your bars dry.  Their leave in conditioner is packaged in a reusable and infinitely recyclable stainless steel container too.

Another company that makes shampoo and conditioner bars and is also a Canadian-based company is Unwrapped Life. We have recently started carrying some of their most popular bars. Most of their shampoo bars are not Curly Girl / Hair Method-friendly due to stronger cleansing ingredients but the conditioner bars are. 

Bars do take a bit of an adjustment to your routine because most products are made with water as their first ingredient.  Since these are water free and concentrated, have a read of my blog on using bars effectively to make the transition as easy as possible.

Next up would be Ecoslay.  This is a very natural brand that is still made by hand in small batches.  They also have switched all of their plastic containers over to pouches.  This way when you are finished with the pouch it easily compresses flat into your recycling bin.  They also introduced clear plastic jars that you can use instead of the pouch and they can be filled over and over.  Now you are probably saying, why not glass jars?  Well after much thought the owner of Ecoslay, Adria, said it was just too risky to have the products in glass in the shower where they could easily slip and break. However, if you would prefer to use a glass jar (at your own risk in a slippery shower!), you can dispense any of the Ecoslay products into your own container.

Curl Warehouse also now offers refill pouches from AG Hair. You can pick up 1 litre pouches of their popular Balance shampoo and Boost conditioner and use your own packaging or refill an old shampoo bottle.

The Flora & Curl Insulated Reversible Shower Cap can help you cut back on using disposable plastic caps if you frequently use a shower cap.  It is re-useable over and over and is reversible so you can use either side depending on what you're using it for.

terracycle box at curl warehouse

If you're here in Calgary, Curl Warehouse has a Terracycle cosmetic recycling bin in store. You are welcome to bring in any clean, empty containers for recycling if your local municipality won't accept them. They don't need to be from Curl Warehouse to be recycled with us.

Reducing plastic waste in the bathroom can be tough! Along with some of these more eco-friendly options, you can also try making some DIY hair recipes with items you probably already have in your home. Making small changes to avoid single-use plastic when and where you can is a great start.