Curl Keeper Styling Brush

Curl Keeper Styling Brush

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Looking for a new bestfriend for up-dos, ponytails, and buns? The new Curl Keeper Styling Brush uses deep bristles and soft ballpoints to reduce static and leave your curls looking fantastic. The lightweight and ergonomic brush design makes it easy to use and a great choice for all types of curls. 

CW says... This brush uses a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly alternative to boar bristles! 


1.  Best for use on clean and detangled hair. Apply a light gel or styling product to hair paying special attention to the hairline or where you need the "slickest" look.

2.  Start running the Styling Brush from the edge of the hairline to smooth down flyaway's and slick back into your desired style.

3.  Continue smoothing out any bumps if necessary and feel free to add more gel, water, or styling product if you need to.