Miracle Shield Heat Protection Spray (Travel Size)

Miracle Shield Heat Protection Spray (Travel Size)

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Curly hair, by nature, tends to be more fragile and prone to damage, so it’s vital to keep it protected. The Curlsmith Miracle Shield Heat Protection Spray is a miraculous mist that provides protection against all the worst hair aggressors: 

  • damage and breakage caused by heating (up to 230C)
  • sea water, chlorine and pollution
  • breakage due to brushing and styling
  • complete protection from UV damage that leads to breakage

It's also enriched with proteins, to keep the hair strong and more elastic, which in turn reduces breakage.

This product is recommended for all hair types but is particularly beneficial to anyone with weak or damaged hair.

CW says... We have marked this as not CG approved due to the unnamed alcohols, however they are very far down the list and the benefits of this product for hair health far outweigh the unlikely possibility of any dryness.