Hydro Crème Soothing Mask (Trial Size)

Hydro Crème Soothing Mask (Trial Size)

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This super hydrating deep conditioner is exactly what your hair needs to get through a Canadian winter. Suitable for all hair types, Curlsmith's Hydro Creme Soothing Mask supports your hair's natural elasticity and helps reduce breakage. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates your scalp and hair without weighing it down.

Curlsmith's Hydro Creme Soothing Mask won in the Naturally Curly Best of the Best Leaders in Curl Awards 2020!

CW says... We haven't marked this product as CG approved due to the witch hazel, which often contains denatured alcohol. However, the amount of alcohol found in this product is extremely small. All of the other beneficial ingredients more than balance it out if you aren't super strict with your CG Method.

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