Damage Repair Spray
Damage Repair Spray
Damage Repair Spray
Damage Repair Spray

Damage Repair Spray

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"Weightless but powerful, this spray will visibly improve the condition of your hair"

Pretty Curly Girl's Damage Repair Spray contains a unique formula of Amino Acids and naturally obtained peptides.  It’s an easy to use: just spray on to strengthen hair from the inside out at a molecular level.

  • Repairs existing damage
  • Helps prevent damage
  • Restores strength
  • Helps with hair growth
  • Hair thickening properties

While most products work on the outside layers of the hair cuticle, this Damage Repair Spray will travel deeper into the hair strand, working on the inner layers repairing damage from the inside out. 

After one use, there will be an improvement in how much stronger and healthier your curls look and feel.  Expect the best results to come with ongoing use of the spray of 4 weeks. 

CW says... For best results, Pretty Curly Girl suggests using this spray 1-2 times per week.