Soothe & Restore Aloe Vera Curl Primer

Soothe & Restore Aloe Vera Curl Primer

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Save time on washday, and throughout the week! TreLuxe's innovative Aloe Vera Curl Primer:

- reduces detangling time by up to 70%
- smooths and defines curls for easier application of styling products,
- reduces the amount of water needed to refresh curls between wash days,
- decreases drying time without sacrificing moisture.

The primer's plant-based ingredients help smooth, detangle, moisturize, and soften your waves and curls to extend wash day results, and save time when refreshing. The extreme slip makes detangling a breeze and well-defined curls are quickly served up without weighing down delicate strands due to the lightweight formula. 

CW says... TreLuxe suggests using this product as a pre-styling primer, pre-poo detangler, or a moisturizing/curl clumping refresher (with or without water).