Charcoal Headband
Charcoal Headband

Charcoal Headband

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Zazzy Bandz fit like sunglasses. This patented design provides volume and style without the headache.

Original Fit fits most head/hair types. With especially voluminous or thick hair or a larger head, try the Slim Relaxed Fit for a looser band that will better accommodate you. By nature, both of these sizes do not fit as tightly as a traditional headband. The dimensions of the two headband sizes are the same.

How to wear your Zazzy Bandz:

• Place the ZB above your ears or near your temples and slide into place.

• Pull your bangs up and place the ZB from the top of your head.

• Flip the ZB in either direction to get the fit, feel, and look you like.

• Try the Slim Relaxed Fit ZB with the feet going backwards.

• The patented curves at the top of your ZB aid in additional volume.