Gift Ideas for Curly Friends, Family, and Kids

Gift Ideas for Curly Friends, Family, and Kids

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If you are starting your Black Friday or Holiday season wish list now, this blog will help you get some new ideas for curly friends or family.... Or you can pass along a copy to those friends and family so they know what you are looking to get!  Sometimes picking out hair products can be a very personal choice. Sometimes you also just don’t want to worry about shipping or flying with liquids or getting something you or they can't use, so most of our suggestions are not hair products.

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Thoughtful Variety Gifts

Our new Curl Warehouse Advent Calendar offers an amazing selection of 12 products in sample sizes for all hair types. It's available in Wavy, Curly, or Coily. and is valued at $155 Canadian. The calendar ships anywhere in Canada and the USA for free!

Another one of our fave easy choices is the Curl Warehouse Gift Card!  You pick the denomination between $10 to $150.00 (or buy multiples!) and the card(s) will be emailed to you. No need to drive anywhere! You can then print off the gift card and put it into a Christmas card or email it directly to your recipient. 

Spoil Yourself or Someone Else

A super nice gift that helps accelerate hair treatments and feels great in the winter time is the Hot Heads Thermal Cap.  Once you have your deep conditioner on, slip on a plastic cap and then pop your Hot Head in the microwave to get it to the right temperature for you.  Place it on your head and enjoy the soothing natural heat for 30-45 minutes!  These eco friendly caps don’t require any cords or fuss and will help get that product deep into hair for fabulous results.

Dry Divas have some beautiful blingy shower caps to keep your hair in place and dry while you enjoy a luxurious bubble bath. 

Don't forget these beautiful scrunchies hand made in Canada from Crown and Collar. We have quite a few different sizes and colours available.

We also now carry the Curlsmith Defrizzon Blow Dryer + XXL Diffuser!  It is huge, allowing you to cover more hair while drying. It also has different settings and temperatures to help you get the results you're after.

One item that is necessary in most parts of our country is a satin-lined toque!  We all know how the traditional toques usually flatten, pull, and cause so much frizz.  Enter these stylish hats from Crown and Collar. Their satin lining is silky smooth to be more curl-friendly. 

Curl Keeper has this gorgeous satin pillowcase anyone would be happy to receive as a gift. A satin pillowcase helps protect your hair while you're sleeping, reducing tangles and frizz.

Stocking Stuffers and Accessories

A great little stocking stuffer are these spiral hair ties from Gummiband, a Canadian company based in Vancouver.  The unique design (like an older telephone cord) can hold hair without leaving dents or getting caught in curls.  Once it gets a bit stretched out, you can pop it into hot water and it will go back to its original shape and size. They last a very long time!

Curl Keeper's Roller Jaw Clamps are a great way to get lift as you dry your hair. They are easier to place than metal clips and easy to remove as well.  You get 12 clamps in each pack, so there are enough for your bathroom, gym bag, and even a few to stash at work if needed. They are also valuable on your refresh days to fix the flat areas from sleeping.

If your fingers get tired of the scrubbing or you have a bit of a dry scalp, using this massaging scalp brush can really help at this time of year!  It is small but effective. Don't knock it til you've tried it! 

If you’ve been looking for a luxurious microfiber towel to plop or micro plop, My Soigne (now Miribel Naturals) has this gorgeous one that works so well.  It measures 31” by 53” so is a generous size. You can dry your whole body with it too!

Styling Tools

The Flexy Brush from Curl Keeper is one of my favourite brushes.  Over the years of using the Curly Girl / Curly Hair Method I found that I just couldn’t easily finger or comb detangle without a bit more help.  The short flexible bristles of this one glide through with ease!

For styling or brushing/detangling, a fan favourite is the Denman Brush.  If you're willing to spend a bit of time practicing, it really is worth all the hype. We have the original 9 row plus the 7 row and the new 3-in-1 Freeflow which was designed especially for curly hair.

Have you been looking for a nice sized diffuser?  Look no further as we carry the Made For Curls 3-in-1 Diffuser from Ouidad as well as our own Great Big Diffuser. The 3-in-1 has three different attachments made of silicone. They're stretchy so it can fit almost every dryer as long as they are not smaller than 4 cm across. The Great Big Diffuser can be purchased with the Snozzle Pro to make it just about universal!

For refreshing you can’t beat the continuous mist water bottlealso known as a flarisol bottle.  

Gift Ideas for Curly Kids

Ouidad has an easy lineup of shampoo, conditioner, and styling spray just for kids! The shampoo is a "no tears" formula while the conditioner will help release and prevent knots. Then there’s a quick pump styling spray that can easily be applied even if your kiddo won't sit still!

Traveling for Christmas? Curl Keeper offers the Kinder Curls Travel Set, a great little sample pack of stylers for kids that has a detangling spray, a light gel and cream. Bring it on your winter holiday!

The Kinder Brush is a kids hair brush that detangles easily without pulling and it’s small enough for your child to manage on their own. It is the same design as the bigger, adult Flexy Brush.

We carry a couple of kids books to help our youngest customers learn to love their curls. You can read with them about the magic of curly hair and help them learn to celebrate and appreciate their unique curl pattern. Check out The Girl With the Magical Curls or 30 Short Affirmations for Curly Haired Kids, both from Evita Giron.




Happy gift giving and receiving from everyone here at Curl Warehouse!!

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