The Curly Canadian Road Trip: Product Suggestions for Southern Ontario and Quebec

Come along with us on a Curly Canadian Road Trip this summer! We'll be suggesting products based on the different climates we have in Canada so you can get the best out of your curls, regardless of where your holidays may take you.

The Curly Canadian Road Trip: Product Suggestions for Southern Ontario and Quebec

Summer is here!  For those of you in southern Ontario and Quebec that humid muggy weather has arrived.  So what can you do with your naturally curly/wavy hair?


When it comes to styling you can experiment with products that are low in simple humectants (think glycerin, propylene glycol and sorbitol) but high in film-forming humectants like plant gels, hydrolyzed proteins and polymers.  This combination is great at combatting frizz.  It's important that film-forming humectants are in your styling products.  You don't rinse them out as these ingredients will help prevent more water from being drawn in to your hair in high humidity and dewpoints. 

To learn more about film-forming humectants, check out my blog post: Do I Need to Change My Routine for Summer?

Your first product on would be called a primer.  This is the one you want to have more film-forming humectants and less or no simple humectants.

Examples of a primer include:

On top of one of these primers you could choose to add a medium to hard hold gel.  This "sets" the definition and frizz control that your primer provides.

Examples of medium to hard hold gels that work well with primers:

Sun Protection

Too much sun can fade your colour or cause damage.  Keep those beautiful curls protected!  If you can’t wear a hat it is also a good idea to put some protection into your hair. Uncle Funky’s Daughter's Maximum Thermal Protection Primer is a good heat and UV protector.  If you are strictly following the Curly Hair / Curly Girl Method, try Innersense Hair Love Prep Spray instead.

An easy option for longer hair is to put it up.  This is especially helpful if you are taking part in sports or spending a day at the beach.  The PuffCuff is a great tool for a bun or a ponytail, or check out these beautiful scrunchies from Crown and Collar.